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Panni Palásti

Budapest Girl – An Immigrant Confronts the Past

"Moonlight means danger when you are trying to creep across a border. You want to disappear, merge with the earth, blend into the sky when you feel searching eyes on your back, eyes turning guns in your direction. The patrols are vigilant. They don’t speak your language, and their orders are clear: nobody is to cross."


Győző Vörös

Where Saint John the Baptist Was Beheaded – Hungarian Archaeological Excavations in the Fortified Herodian Royal Palace of Machaerus

"When we put together the information provided by Josephus and the Gospels of Mark and Matthew, we came to the conclusion that it had to be the scene of the tragic birthday of Herod Antipas, where Princess Salome danced, and where previously Antipas (from the throne seat) and John the Baptist (facing him) had their conversations..."


John Ridland

No Ordinary Girl – An Introduction to Panni Palásti’s Budapest Girl

"All the millions of children presently captive in their own lands, or surviving as refugees in others, will recognise Panni Palásti’s perceptions and survival, as, hopefully, their own, which may not be the least of this book’s virtues."


János Martonyi

Clash of Ideologies – Is Transatlantic Trade the Right Battlefield? – Part I

"Do we trust our constitutional and legal systems both on national and on European levels? Do we have confidence in our legislative and regulatory powers and procedures both on national and on European levels? Do we believe in the safeguards guaranteed by our judiciary both on national and on European levels?"


John O’Sullivan

The Thatcher Legacy

"The more she encountered the European Union, the more suspicious of it she became. It seemed to her to concentrate the centralising and levelling passions in one vast bureaucratic machine insensitive to the sovereignty of nations and the aspirations of citizens. Above all, she believed it simply did not suit the British who had grown up under different institutions and with a different social outlook."


Christopher Collins

Iron Will in Diplomacy – Thatcher and Hungary 1979–1984

"Writing her memoirs MT recalled another topic from her talks with Kádár, which the notetakers omitted. At some point, surely at her instance, they discussed the death of Imre Nagy, Kádár’s Banquo, the comrade and friend he had betrayed then executed two years later."


György Granasztói

The Two Europes

"The recent dispute in connection with the migration crisis has not been resolved yet. The question arises whether the crisis will deepen enough so that the conflict between the ideals of a globalised world and those of national sovereignty lead to the emergence of two Europes instead of the present dual one in an ever- deepening political conflict of interests."


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