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Hungarian Review

Letter to Readers

We would like to inform you that as of 1 January 2021 certain changes were effected in the editorial team of the Hungarian Review, and the changes also affect the publication of the magazine. Tamás Magyarics has succeeded Gyula Kodolányi as the editor-in-chief, and István Kiss has assumed the position of the deputy editor-in-chief. Gyula Kodolányi and John O’Sullivan have become editors-at-large; the other members of the editorial team have kept their positions.


by BL Nonprofit Kft. It is an affiliate
of the bi-monthly journal Magyar Szemle,
published since 1991

Publisher: Gyula Kodolányi
Editor-in-Chief: Gyula Kodolányi
Editorial Manager: Ildikó Geiger

Editorial office: Budapest, 1067, Eötvös u. 24., HUNGARY
E-mail: hungarianreview@hungarianreview.com
Online edition: www.hungarianreview.com