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Tony Brinkley

The Europe of Modern Russian Poets

"In retranslating Tsvetaeva’s Lorca translations, I have tried to keep in mind who Lorca was for readers in the Soviet Union. In 1936 near the beginning of the Spanish Civil War, he had been murdered by nationalists though probably not Falangists. In the struggle with fascism, he became a martyr, and Stalinism for all its own fascism became an ally in that struggle."


John O’Sullivan

Diagnosing a Mysterious Oppression

"My mind and editorial attention have been devoted in the last few weeks to attending a series of conferences in America, England, Croatia and Hungary on three large topics: immigration, the persecution of religious believers, especially Christians, and the forthcoming elections to the European Parliament. These topics stand independently of one another, yet they also overlap and influence each other."


Nicholas T. Parsons

Immigration, Lawfare and The Rise of National Populism: Eric Kaufmann’s White Shift Points the Way to Irenic Compromise

"Quite a lot of White Shift, Eric Kaufmann’s brilliant, lengthy and massively researched book, revolves around the Overton Window, insofar as he charts the increase in resistance to norms laid down by multicultural ideologues as the 'white' majorities of Europe and the Anglosphere react to a perceived threat to their cultural and ethnic dominance. The Kulturkampf that has ensued is analysed with clarity and balance. However his core theme is that migration is a feature of human existence..."


Theodore Dalrymple

On Thoughtcrimes In A Borderless World (The Matthias Corvinus College Budapest Summit on Migration, 22-24 March)

"Borderlessness has become – without its proponents realising it – an ideology, one that not only has its contradictions but also its very illiberal consequences, though those who adhere to it pride themselves on being the most liberal of the liberal. It is the ideology in which to an increasing extent (or so it seems to me, and no doubt to most other people at the Budapest conference) the young in the West..."


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