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Igor Pomerantsev

Czernowitz – Reminiscences of a Drowned Man

"My connection with Czernowitz runs deep. I can even gauge it by eye: approximately two metres. The cemeteries of this city host the remains of my aunts, my grandmother, my father and my elder brother."


Norman Doidge

Sex on the Brain: What Brain Plasticity Teaches About Internet Porn

"We are in the midst of a revolution in sexual and romantic tastes unlike any other in history, a social experiment being performed on children and teenagers..."


Péter Ákos Bod

Whiter Hungarian Mittelstand?

"This essay discusses the middle class in Hungary, not from a sociologist’s angle, but its present situation and social weight."


George Schöpflin

Hungarian Elections and After

"For a centre-right party, for any political party really, to win a democratic election by a two-thirds majority is rare enough (as in 2010). To repeat the experience is unprecedented."


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