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Zsolt Németh

Tribute To Sir Roger Vernon Scruton

"Roger Scruton’s figure is dear to me personally because he had a good nature of a quiet, light-hearted, amazingly knowledgeable and well-informed man, friend and master. I met him in 1988, in Oxford, the place that is a hallmark of intellectual quality, but he had pragmatic political projects up in his sleeves as well for Central Europe. So, he lived his choice of intellectual trend as well – he deeply identified with conservatism."


Erik Sass

Hungary Squares The Circle Of Globalisation

"What does a smallish Central European country have to teach the rest of the world about inclusive growth, fighting income inequality, and social cohesion, all while steering clear of protectionism and maintaining an open economy – in short, 'squaring the circle' of globalisation? In the case of Hungary quite a lot, judging by just about any economic metric you care to name."


James Allan

Judit Varga, Hungary And The Rule of Law

"Late last year the Hungarian Minister of Justice, Judit Varga, wrote an opinion column questioning the burgeoning empire of the Rule of Law and the use of that empire by the European Commission and Parliament to keep some of the member states in line. Ms Varga even argued that the underlying dispute was not really even about the Rule of Law. Needless to say this opinion piece generated more than a little hostile criticism across Europe. In what follows I want to argue that Varga gets the better of this argument, by far, than do her critics."


Boris Kálnoky

Germany: The Dam That Broke

"The crisis is so severe that CDU Chairwoman Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer announced her resignation on 10 February (effective later this year). Also, she will not be the party’s candidate for Chancellor in the next elections. She had been handpicked and groomed by Chancellor Angela Merkel to become her successor. Who will it be now? No-one knows. But Wolfgang Schauble (CDU), President of the Bundestag, has warned that "whoever will be our candidate will not become Chancellor if we carry on like this much longer'."


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