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Gergely Gulyás

Hungary's Elections Will Be Fair and Legitimate

"While in spite of the favourable signs, Fidesz and government-party voters cannot be complacent about the final outcome of the elections, the Socialists’ desperate reactions seem to indicate that they have already given up on victory."


Attila Balázs

The Beatles and the Danube Regatta

"For people this famous could always be forgiven for acting quite the asshole every once in a while. Of yore as today."


Árpád Kadarkay

Hannah Arendt – The Human Condition – Part II

"In those heady days of 1956 I saw the gentler, dreaming qualities of man, as did Arendt. But also saw the darker side of man. It revealed itself in the ferocity of Kádár’s revenge."


György Granasztói

I Want to Be Like Him One Day – John Lukács at Ninety

"It took no more than a handshake, and I was immediately captivated by that voice, powerful but warm and full of emotion rather than simply upbeat. Meeting Lukács is always an easy, no-frills affair..."


John Lukács

An Other Hungary Existed

"Szent-Iványi was both witness and principal actor in Hungary’s very great tragedy. His documents and descriptions of those weeks and months are valuable for us..."


Christie Davies

The Rise and Fall of the Political Joke

"Who dug the White Sea Canal?" "The right bank was dug by those who related anecdotes." "And the left bank?" "By those who listened."


Radosław Sikorski

Sharing Sovereignty, Gaining Power – The Eurosceptic Case for a Common Foreign Policy

"Europeans need to work together to make a difference anywhere outside Europe. This means pooling our efforts and resources and insights."


Géza Jeszenszky

Hungary in the Second World War: Tragic Blunders or Destiny?

"Horthy in his Memoirs wrote that when Hitler told him that Germany would occupy Hungary, he should have shot the dictator. Why did he not do that, he had a pistol on him..."


John O’Sullivan

Editorial Note

"'Yes', replied Clemenceau, 'future historians will say many things that we today might disagree with. But ...they will not say... that Belgium invaded Germany...' They do not say that Hungary occupied Germany."


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