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Special Online Edition

Clark S. Judge - Letter from America

"In all four presidencies – Clinton to Trump – the president began his term with a House of Representatives under control of his party (a key to successful governance in America). Three of the four lost the House in their first mid-term election. Mr Bush lost it at his second mid-term. And yet, Mr Trump’s three predecessors were all re-elected, in Mr Bush’s case to the astonishment of pollsters, pundits and the opposition. In 2020 will the chain be unbroken?"


Ágnes Zsófia Magyar

President Macron's Management Of The Coronavirus Crisis And His Political Future

"Next to Italy and Spain, France has been the Eurozone country worst hit by the coronavirus pandemic, with 29,000 deaths as of early June 2020. The number of seriously ill patients on ventilators never fell below 1,000 in France between mid-March and 9 June. The number of deaths is now falling, and the figure for those who died over the past 24 hours (23) is significantly lower than it has been in recent weeks."


Zsolt Németh

Hungarian Foreign Policy After The Coronavirus

"What is the trend and magnitude of the changes Hungarian foreign policy will be forced to implement as the world emerges from the coronavirus crisis? Are we going to be compelled to make any radical changes at all? Or is it rather the case that the pandemic merely amplifies already existing trends in foreign policy, in turn forcing the actors of international affairs to adopt speedier and more efficient measures in response? The basics of Hungarian foreign policy are spelled out in the government’s strategy, most recently summarised nine years ago."


Boris Kálnoky

The Rule Of Law Debate - Can Germany Get Hungary off the Hook?

"'Rule of Law' has become the battle cry of our times in the arena of European politics. Accompanied by spectacular rhetorical theatrics of leading politicians whenever the media are around, the 'RoL', as it is often abbreviated, looks set to become the object of new EU rules aiming to discipline wayward member states. The whole debate has been hugely divisive, and somewhat of a burden for all involved. Practically-minded politicians are wondering how the whole thing could be put to rest – but without appearing to do so."


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