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Boris Kálnoky

Heavy Lifting For The German EU Presidency

"The EU is attempting to put final touches on three mega-projects, all of a transformative nature. A carbon-neutral transformation of economy, the 'Next Generation Fund' (NGF) to deal with the economic fallout of the coronavirus crisis, and the introduction of a 'Rule of Law' (RoL) mechanism all have the potential to fundamentally change the character of how the EU works. They are all intertwined, all politically problematic, and all difficult to agree on. No wonder then that all eyes are on Germany. Europe’s only superpower assumed the rotating EU presidency on 1 June 2020. In the six months that will end on 31 December, Chancellor Angela Merkel would like to solve all three problems (and many smaller ones as well)."


David Martin Jones

Pandemania Or A Short History Of The Medicalisation Of Life - Thoughts in Times of Coronavirus - Part II

"The medicalisation of life in the last hundred years is one of the most remarkable features of our post-historical world. Until the 20th century the role of clinical medicine in the improvement of health was minute. Whether populations grew or shrank had little to do with medicine, despite its best efforts. That changed utterly after 1945, and in not very well understood ways. But if medicine expanded almost beyond the bounds of imagination, the euphoria of the age of penicillin and the pill has turned, since the end of the Cold War, into dependence and anxious insecurity."


Online Edition

Tamás Orbán - Retaking Lost Ground - On The Historic Victory of Hungarian Communities at the Local Elections in Transylvania

"The RMDSZ (Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania) is the oldest and largest minority party in the country, since its democratic chapter was established after the fall of Communism, and aside from minor gains from smaller challengers, mostly in the homogeneously Hungarian Székelyföld or Szeklerland, it was able to consolidate its power among most Hungarian-speaking voters across Transylvania. Of course, this was never enough to ensure healthy political representation for these communities, because in ethnically mixed counties the key positions would normally go to Romanian politicians."


Szabolcs Janik

The European Commission's New Pact On Migration And Asylum: Conflicts Reloaded?

"The European Commission (EC) has presented its new set of proposals to reform the European Union asylum and migration management system. The long-awaited package includes a number of EU legislative proposals, with the clear-cut intention to provide policy solutions that all member states can accept and support. Indeed, the proposals represent a step forward as compared to previous Commission plans. Still, they are expected to give rise to fierce debates between Brussels and member states around the issue of migration."


György Csóti

Mother Tongue Rights In The Carpathian Basin - A Hundred Years after Trianon - Part II

"In Transylvania, the Partium, the South Máramaros (Maramures) region, and the East Bánát – territories that have belonged to Romania for a hundred years – the prospects of native minority languages look reasonably good on paper. Regardless of the fact that the Romanian constitution is no less exclusionary than those of the countries previously discussed, and that Hungarians are not considered or treated as essential, organic parts of the state in their native land despite having built and defended Transylvania and the southeastern parts of the Great Plain for a thousand years, there are a large number of regulations in force that must be deemed laudable by European standards."


Clark S. Judge

Letter From America - The 49 Per Cent Nation in the Hour of Decision

"It is a contemporary political cliche that American politics is deeply polarised. Americans settled on their views of Mr Trump early. Those views are firmly held and to a degree not seen in decades cut across party lines. A major factor in Mr Trump’s 2016 victory was party switching by 2012 Obama voters. A major factor in the Republicans’ 2018 loss of the House of Representative (the lower house of Congress) was party switching by Republican women in affluent suburbs. Since Mr Trump took office, through now discredited investigations, a disgraced impeachment attempt, a soaring pre-COVID economy and significant foreign and security policy achievements, the President’s popularity has remained astonishingly stable."


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