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Salvatore Babones

Waking from the Eurasian Dream

"Although the EU and several of its most powerful member states condemned Russia’s annexation of Crimea, dependence on Russian gas deterred European countries from taking any really meaningful action in response to the crisis. In theory, the EU could have crippled the Russian economy by placing an embargo on Russian energy, but to do so would have plunged much of Europe into cold and darkness."


Éva Eszter Szabó

The Iron Curtain Metaphor and the Fence Walls of the US and Hungarian Border Barriers – Part I

"From the moment Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced the border fence onwards, US President Donald Trump and Orbán have often been compared with regards to their views on border security and migration. The parallels drawn between the two heads of state, one leading a global superpower and the other a regional small power, have marked a truly unprecedented moment of US–Hungarian relations."


George Schöpflin

Brexit: The Prospects – A Danube Institute Discussion

"In the last 30 years there has really been an extraordinary centralisation of administrative processes in the United Kingdom. Scotland is obviously separate politically rather than just administratively. Northern Ireland too, Wales to a lesser extent. There is a concentration of power, and with power prestige, in London."


Peter Lilley

Brexit: The Prospects – A Danube Institute Discussion

"Currently under European treaties we have the right to leave by giving notice within the two years we have left. We give up that right under this proposed deal. This is the most contentious bit of the whole deal because it means that leaving would require permission of the European Union, and the whole deal would be adjudicated by the European Court of Justice."


Péter Sztáray

Contemporary Lessons of the Life of Saint Thomas Becket – Esztergom, 5 January 2019

"Saint Thomas of Canterbury serves as a role model for us in more ways than one. For us, he is not just a saint, but a courageous man who stood up for the truth and Christianity at the cost of his own exemplary life and continues to connect two nations with illustrious histories."


Iain Lindsay

Speech at the Saint Thomas Becket Commemoration – Esztergom, 5 January 2019

"Becket’s martyrdom, in defence of religious freedom, had a profound impact on British attitudes to religious freedom over the centuries, notwithstanding the Reformation. Arguably, Britain has done more to influence the way we in the Western world see modern human rights, including religious freedom, than any nation."


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