1 Express their deepest solidarity with the Christians and other religious minority groups that are being persecuted all around the world.

2 Welcome and support all activities of government agencies, ecclesiastical, and non-governmental organisations that speak up for the persecuted religious minorities of the world, with special regard to Christians.

3 Commend the efforts of the Government of Hungary in helping persecuted Christians and other religious minorities, as well as any similar measures taken by other governments.

4 Condemn all actions that aim to deny or restrict the exercise of fundamental human rights with a special emphasis on the violation of freedom of religion.

5 Urge the international community to advocate and stand up for persecuted religious minorities, and use all potential lawful means against groups that commit atrocities against Christians and other religious minorities.

6 Emphasise that the barbaric acts committed by the terrorist organisation that calls itself Islamic State, or by any other similar terrorist organisation and militia are considered as genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes, therefore the countries of the world bear a responsibility to put an end to such crimes and put the persons responsible for them on trial before a court of law.

7 Promote strengthening the role of the Special Envoy for the promotion of freedom of religion or belief outside the EU.

8 Call on the European Union to review the effectiveness of restrictive measures with the prospect of amending them, keeping in mind the interest of the civil population of the affected countries.

9 Call on the political decision makers and opinion leaders of the world to endeavour to facilitate the free exercise of religion in the crisis regions where Christians and other religious minorities are persecuted, in order to ensure international peace and security, with a special focus on the Middle East, Africa and different regions of Asia.

10 Call on the governments and international organisations of the world to seek long term solutions aimed at ending the persecution of Christians and other religious communities to ensure that the exercise of all human rights, including the free exercise of religion according to Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, is respected.

11 Call for urgent reconstruction of schools and other means of infrastructure to make it possible for Christians and other persecuted religious minorities to stay or return to the land of their ancestors.

12 Call for the support of political, economic, and security solutions enabling Christians and refugees of other religious minorities to return to their homelands.

13 Urge a joint action of the governments of the world and international institutions to end the atrocities committed against Christians and other religious minorities and in accordance with that goal implement immediate practical measures.

Budapest, 13 October 2017

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