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Picture gallery - Volume IX., No. 1.

1650, Silk embroidery on silk
By the courtesy of the Hungarian National Museum, Budapest

1928, Photo

1932, Photo

1937, Photo

1939, Book cover

1938-39, Photo

31 October, 1938, Photo

1938, Photo

9 May 1939, Guest Book

1941, Photo

1943, Letter

4 May, 1943, Letter

1 December, 1944,

1540, Bible (2412 pages)
National Széchenyi Library, Budapest
Hungarian National Museum

1620, Engraving
33,9 x 27 cm Hungarian National Museum
1519 (overpainted in 1545 by Lutherans and repainted in the 18th century by Catholic), Oil and tempera on wood
323 x 218 cm Nagyszeben (Sibiu)
Oil on wood
Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
1600, Tempera on wood
230 x 197 cm Roman Catholic Church in Berzevice

1621, Oil on canvas
105 x 228 cm Múzeum Pavol Országh Hviezdoslav, Slovakia
First published in 1585 in Basel by his student Máté Skaricza, the author of his biography,

late 17th century, renewed in 1791, Silver, partly gilded, embossed, chased, engrave
h.: 28 cm The Theological and College Library of the Transtibiscan Reformed Church District, Debrecen

1631, Silver, partly gilded, embossed, chased, engraved
h.: 41 cm, diam. of foot: 21 cm, diam. of lid: 13 cm Great Reformed Church, Debrecen
1732, Tempera, wood
Tornyai János Museum and Cultural Centre, Hódmezővásárhely

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