János Brenner

János Brenner

JÁNOS BRENNER (Budapest, 1954) earned his diploma in architecture at the Dresden Institute of Technology in 1976 before obtaining his PhD at the University of Technology of Budapest (1997). In 1984 he earned the degree of construction assessor after examination by the Higher Public Technical Service Examination Authority in Frankfurt. In 2008 he became honorary professor at the University of Technology of Budapest. He is at present urban planner in Berlin, Germany.


In late September I visited Thuringia on an official trip to attend a conference on regional planning. I took a train to Bad Blankenburg, an enchanting small town tucked away in a valley of the Thuringian Forest and regarded as an iconic place by educators. It was here that Friedrich


Back when I was a student at the Dresden Institute of Technology in the 1970s, I rarely felt comfortable actually going to an area, ominously dominated as it was by derelict barracks and Russian military vehicles in the streets. There was one exception: the building of the former Saxon Cadet School. This was used as an officers’ mess for the