Paul Sohár

Paul Sohár

PAUL SOHÁR made his way to the US as a teenage refugee from Hungary. After receiving a BA in philosophy he took a job in a research lab while writing in every genre, publishing seven volumes of translations, including Silver Pirouettes (Faludy translations, TheWriteDeal 2012) and In Contemporary Tense (Iniquity Press, 2013). His own poetry: Homing Poems (Iniquity, 2005) and The Wayward Orchard, a Wordrunner Prize winner (2011). Other awards: first prize in the 2012 Lincoln Poets Society Contest, second prize in RI Writers Circle 2014 Contest. Prose work: True Tales of a Fictitious Spy (Synergebooks, 2006). He lectures at MLA and RMMLA conferences and at Centenary College, NJ.


DOMOKOS SZILÁGYI  Domokos Szilágyi (1938–1976), poet, writer and translator, is considered an important figure in Transylvanian literature. He graduated from the Hungarian university of Kolozsvár with a degree in Hungarian Language and Literature in 1960. From that time until 1970, he worked as editor for periodicals in Kolozsvár and Bucharest


The earliest records show the southern part of Transylvania belonging to Dacia, a Roman colony at the very frontiers of the Empire. With the fall of Rome that area was overrun by successive waves of invaders, the Ostrogoths, the Huns, the Bulgarians, the Avars, etc., and finally in 896 AD by Hungarian tribes that occupied the whole Carpathian Basin. Then for a thousand years Transylvania was the home of Hungarians alongside Romanians and the descendants