Klára Tóth

Klára Tóth

KLÁRA TÓTH (Nyíregyháza, 1953) film critic, publicist, former film editor of Duna Television. She is the regular film columnist of the Hungarian journal Magyar Szemle and is a Member of the Hungarian Academy of the Arts. She is married to film director István Dárday. Her publications include Don Quijote köpenyében, 2005 (“In Don Quijote’s Cape”. The career of and documentaries about film critic László B. Nagy); A láthatatlan ország, 2011 (“The Invisible Country”. Hungarian Documentary Film and the Media 1992–2010).


We should give our children roots and wings – according to Goethe – but this is exactly what my generation, the children of Socialism, did not receive. Roots were not important, since we were fed internationalism in place of a patriotic upbringing, and instead of being given wings, we were


The film was followed by a few moments of silence that felt like an eternity in the crowded Uránia theatre. Only afterwards was there applause, but subdued and careful, as if for lack of a better response the viewers who had assembled for the premier had felt compelled, out of


The director uses a multitude of early film clips, photographs, and interviews, adding thereby a new dimension and greater quality. He primarily uses the collection of the ethnographer Elemér Bakó. The documentaries are poignant; he quotes the famous lines from Attila József about a million and a half of our