Gábor Rohály

Gábor Rohály

GÁBOR ROHÁLY (Budapest, 1935) worked as a physician in a specialist ambulatory clinic until his retirement. Before retiring, he worked as part of AKÓ Ltd., a business acquired by his family, where he taught adult education courses on gastronomy. In 1995–96 he pursued training and completed a diploma at the Wine&Spirit Education Trust in Austria. He holds the title of Internationaler Weinakademiker, and teaches courses on wine culture in several institutions, including the University of Óbuda in Budapest. He is one of the founders of the Hungarian Academy of Wine. In 2010, among other distinctions he was awarded the Hamvas-fürt Prize for his contributions to the art of viticulture.


Wine culture, national wine culture – what do these phrases actually mean? Why have they gradually become emptied of content and reduced to the lowly status of a platitude? What makes a wine culture? What does it consist of? Is it a condition, an activity, a type of behaviour perhaps,


Can we talk about Hungarian wine, Austrian wine, French wine? If we can, is the specificity linked to nation states, or is it purely geographical? Surely, no one would deny that South Africa is not the same as Italy… My foremost aim here is to propose a series of arguments