Dimitrij Rupel

Dimitrij Rupel

Dimitrij Rupel (Ljubljana, 1946) is a professor of sociology and international politics, a writer, a politician and a diplomat. In 1987, under his editorship, the dissident journal Nova revija published the controversial collection Contributions for the Slovenian National Program that served as the philosophical and political basis for the Slovenian movement of national independence. Dr. Rupel and his colleagues were purged. In January 1989, Dr. Rupel established the Slovenian Democratic Alliance that joined the opposition coalition Demos. In April 1990, Dr. Rupel became minister in the first democratically elected Slovene government. During the past 20 years, Dr. Rupel has spent approximately 10 years as Foreign Minister in the governments chaired by Peterle, Drnovšek, Rop and Janša. In 1992, he was elected to the Parliament; in 1994, he became the Mayor of the Slovenian capital Ljubljana, and between 1997 and 2000, he served as the Ambassador of Slovenia to the United States of America. In the first semester of 2008, he was the President of the EU Council for General Affairs and External Relations (GAERC). After the elections of 2008, Dr. Rupel was an adviser to Prime Minister Pahor. He writes about his political and about experience, and analyzing contemporary international issues. His latest book (The President or As It Was) was published in October 2009.


The Integration Power of Traditional Cultural Systems and the Search for a Substitute I. Breaking news The discontent of the second semester of 2011 From the last six months of 2011 reports by international and Slovenian media provided an impressive list of world problems: 1. Greek debt and the crisis


HISTORICAL TIME, POLITICAL TIME History does not change every day. European history used to be divided into “ages” and “centuries”, but also into “reigns” and “regimes” – meaning the periods of individual historically important monarchs or political leaders. With the “present day” acceleration of history, standards of change have shrunk.