Andreas Unterberger

Andreas Unterberger

ANDREAS UNTERBERGER (Vienna, 1949) received his law degree from the University of Vienna in 1972. He spent a year at the Institute for Advanced Studies of the Ford Institute and started working for the independent Austrian daily, Die Presse, where he was editor-in-chief between 1995–2004. He also lectured in political science and international relations at the University of Vienna between 1989–1998. From 2005 to 2009 he was editor-in-chief of Wiener Zeitung. Since 2009 Dr Unterberger has been an independent, conservative free-market blogger ( He is the author of numerous books and articles focusing on the topics of integration, minorities, security issues, and all aspects of neutrality.


How does Austria feel about the four Visegrád states? And vice versa: How do the Visegrád states feel about Austria? These two questions, having never really been answered, have hovered over Central Europe for many years. Of course, they immediately lead to the next two unanswered questions: What is Central


“Austrian politics over the last six months has been marked by a series of head-scratching twists and turns. An executive summary: September’s snap elections revealed (yet again) clear majority support for the two conservative parties, which had jointly governed until May. Yet six weeks later, we are on the verge