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Book Launch: Down Fell the Statue of Goliath

May 10
  • Venue: Hungarian Review
  • Address: Budapest

10th May 2017

Hungarian Review is proud to announce the launch of a new anthology commemorating 1956 and published in partnership with the Hungarian Academy of Arts, called Down Fell the Statue of Goliath. Hungarian Poets and Writers on the Revolution of 1956.

ORDER for 3500 HUF (12 EUR/13 USD/10 GBP) + SHIPPING at: subscriptions@hungarianreview.com

The poems and prose pieces appearing in this volume were selected by the editors of the Hungarian anthology, Támadó tűz voltunk (We Were a Storming Fire, Budapest 2016), published on the sixtieth anniversary of the Revolution: János Oláh and Katalin Mezey. The vast majority of the works have been newly translated for this English version and here they are thematically arranged, in an attempt to follow the subject-matter chronology.


This book can be regarded as the basic work of authentic chronicles, the laying of a festive table with personal thoughts covering our common past, present and future. We should read it and take possession of it with pride.”

György Fekete, President of the Hungarian Academy of Arts


Truth always glimmers through art more profoundly and powerfully than from history books – here through these poems and prose works, in which themselves ‘the happening of truth’ is at work.”

Csilla Bertha, General editor


Down Fell the Statue of Goliath offers a comprehensive introduction to 1950s Hungary and the revolution. There is nothing like it in the English language; it is an excellent one-stop shop for anyone who wants to survey the literary response to the revolution.”

Tibor Fischer, British novelist and short story writer


I believe this book to be an important one that deserves to be read not only in Hungary and the Hungarian diaspora—where it will be appreciated, indeed treasured—but also read by those abroad who need to be reminded of what the Hungarian Revolution was and why it should be cherished by all decent people.”

John O’Sullivan, editor and columnist, President of the Danube Institute

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