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James Allan

JAMES ALLAN holds the oldest named chair at The University of Queensland. Before arriving in Australia in 2005 he spent 11 years teaching law in New Zealand at the University of Otago and before that lectured law in Hong Kong. He is a native-born Canadian who practised law in a large Toronto law firm and at the Bar in London before shifting to teaching law. He has published widely in the areas of legal philosophy and constitutional law, including in all the top English language legal philosophy journals in the US, the UK, Canada and Australia, much the same being true of constitutional law journals as well. Professor Allan also writes widely for newspapers including The Australian, The Spectator Australia and Quadrant. His latest book is Democracy in Decline, published in 2014.

8 March 2020
"Late last year the Hungarian Minister of Justice, Judit Varga, wrote an opinion column questioning the burgeoning empire of the Rule of Law and the use of that empire by the European Commission and Parliament to keep some of the member states in line. Ms Varga even argued that the underlying dispute was not really even about the Rule of Law. Needless to say this opinion piece generated more than a little hostile criticism across Europe. In what follows I want to argue that Varga gets the better of this argument, by far, than do her critics."

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