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Attila Balázs

ATTILA BALÁZS (1955, Novi Sad / Újvidék), writer, translator, journalist. Author of twelve books of prose. Founder of the cultural magazine Ex Symposion. He worked as editor for the YU Radio-Television, moved to Budapest in late 1991. For a time he worked as war correspondent, then as political correspondent for the newspaper Pesti Hírlap. His works have been published at home and abroad. 1994–2012 he was editor of the cultural programmes of the Hungarian Radio. Among many distinctions, he has received the Attila József Prize for Literature and the Book of the Year Prize 1999.

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"For people this famous could always be forgiven for acting quite the asshole every once in a while. Of yore as today."

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"EPIGRAPH: “I’ll gobble you up!” said the leopard. “So much the worse for you”, retorted the sword." (Eduardo Rózsa-Flores)

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