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Subject Index 2010 - 2018

29th June 2018


2010 – May 2018



BALOG, Zoltán: On the Anniversary of the Coronation of King Charles IV (March 2017, p. 87).

O’SULLIVAN, John: Essays of a “Dangerous Man” – Thoughts on György Granasztói’s 80th Birthday (March 2018, p. 22).



NAGY, Mihály: Lifting the Curse on the Sevso Treasure (Part II) (January 2015, p. 109).

PROKOPP, Mária: The Castle Chapel in Esztergom – The Royal Seat of Béla III (1172–1196) (September 2015, p. 109).

SÁRMÁNY-PARSONS, Ilona: Ödön Lechner: Maverick, Dreamer, Patriot – An Architect of Modernisation (January 2016, p. 105).

VÖRÖS, Győző: Where Saint John the Baptist Was Beheaded – Hungarian Archaeological Excavations in the Fortified Herodian Royal Palace of Machaerus (July 2016, p. 107).



HILL, David A.: Cycles in the Life of Budapest Secession Buildings – A Plea (May 2011, p. 104).

PIGNICZKY, Réka – CSEJDY, Virág: Made in Shanghai. The Story of Hungarian Architect László Hudec (July 2012, p. 85).

ZALATNAY, István: Meditations on the 1956 Monument in Budapest (November 2011, p. 110).


Art History

CSEJDY, Virág: Art Deco Symposium in Budapest (November 2017, p. 112).

HEGYI, Pál: Homeward Bound – Luminism and Transcendentalism in László Pál’s Fontainebleau Forestscapes (January 2017, p. 105).

KOVÁCS, Dániel: World Language with an Accent – Art Deco in Central Europe (November 2017, p. 114).

OROSZ, István: Da Vinci and the Migrants (July 2017, p. 100).

PARSONS, Nicholas T.: Motherland and Progress: Hungarian Architecture and Design 1800–1900 (September 2017, p. 109).

PROKOPP, Mária: The Renaissance Studiolo in Europe (May 2018, p. 110).



GÖMÖRI, George: Letters by John Maynard Keynes from Hungary and Vienna (November 2015, p. 69).

LÉVAI, Csaba: “The Tokay is Much More Superior to What You Sent Me Last Year Under That Name” – Thomas Jefferson and His Hungarian Wines: Study of an Attitude (November 2015, p. 74).


Book Reviews

BARDOLY, István: Recent Books in Hungarian (November 2010, p. 106).

BARDOLY, István: Recent Books in Hungarian (January 2011, p. 118).

BARDOLY, István: Recent Books in Hungarian (March 2011, p. 117).

BRINKLEY, Tony: “[W]hy the Back Broke” – One Woman in the War: Hungary 1944–1945, By Alaine Polcz, translated by Albert Tezla (November 2010, p.95).

COOPER, Thomas: Books Re-Visited: Translating Zsuzsa Rakovszky ant the Art of Storytelling (January 2011, p. 101).

FENYŐ, Mario: György Ferdinandy: Dig Deeper – Short Stories and Notes (Novenmer 2015, p. 102).

GÖMÖRI, George: A Pact that Started World War II – Roger Moorhouse: The Devil’s Alliance. Hitler’s Pact with Stalin 1939–1941 (May 2015, p. 67).

GÖMÖRI, George: Chronicle of an Extraordinary Year – Simon Hall: 1956. The World in Revolt (September 2016, p. 95).

HAKLIK, Norbert: A Thousand-Year-Old Brotherhood and its Present – Orsolya Zsuzsanna Kovács: Polish Jigsaw. Fourteen Interviews (May 2015, p. 63).

MISKOLCZY, Ambrus: World War I: Controversies, Paradoxes, Revisions – On the Book of Lucian Boia (May 2015, p. 82).

PARSONS, Nicholas T.: Elective Affinities and Desire for Recognition – Two Books on Europe since 1989 (May 2018, p. 51).

PARSONS, Nicholas T.: How Much Is Too Much? – Reflections on Paul Collier’s Exodus: Immigration and Multiculturalism in the 21st Century (January 2017, p. 18).

O’SULLIVAN, John: Foreword to The Demon in Democracy (May 2016, p. 52).

SCHÖPFLIN, György: The Perils of Popular History – Simon Winder, Danubia: a Personal History of Habsburg Europe (March 2017, p. 30).


Christian Persecution

APHREM II, Ignatius: The Unspoken Religious Persecution (January 2018, p. 18).

BALOG, Zoltán: In Pursuit of Answers to a Long Hidden Question (January 2018, p. 12).

FIGEL’, Ján: Finding the Appropriate Answers to a Long Neglected Crisis (January 2018, p. 24).

ORBÁN, Viktor: Speech at the International Consultation on Christian Persecution (November 2017, p. 6).

YOUNAN, Ignatius Joseph III: Christians: The “Aborigines” of the Middle East (January 2018, p. 22).

WARDA, Bashar Matti: Four Forms of Assistance to the Christians of the Middle East (January 2018, p. 16).



PIGNICZKY, Réka: And the Show Must Go On – The 43rd Hungarian Film Week from a documentary filmmaker’s point of view (March 2012, p. 112).

TÓTH, Klára: Hungarian Americans (November 2010, p. 80).

TÓTH, Klára: In the Maelstrom (March 2011, p. 74).


Constitutional Law

ALLAN, James: Constitutionalism, Politics and Judicial Power (March 2018, p. 52).

JONES, David Martin: International legal Norms and Their Limitations (January 2018, p. 48).

TRÓCSÁNYI, László: New Challenges Facing Democracy and the Rule of Law (November 2017, p. 12).



BITTERA, Dóra – MOLNÁR, Tamás B.: Fishy Country – On the Medieval Traditions of Hungarian Cuisine (July 2015, p. 76).



TOGHIA, Ted: Dancing “Hungarian” in the US – On the Kárpátok Folk Ensemble (January 2015, p. 99).


Decorative Arts

BRYANT, Julius: The Iparművészeti Múzeum and the Victoria and Albert Museum: Origins and Ambitions (September 2012, p. 109).

PLESSEN, Marie-Louise von: “Learning by Example” for European Integration – From South Kensington to Budapest (September 2012, p. 116).

SZEBENI, Zsuzsa: The Legend of the Palette of Miklós Bánffy (January 2012, p. 124).

SZEBENI, Zsuzsa: Bartók and Bánffy: Opposites and Complementaries (July 2012, p. 100).



THORPE, Nick: Notes from the Red Planet – Hungary’s Worst Ever Chemical Disaster (November 2010, p. 30).

THORPE, Nick: By the Green Danube – Zoltán ILLÉS talks to Nick Thorpe about Red Sludge, Green Rivers and Power Generation (May 2011, p. 5).

THORPE, Nick: On Mud and Miracles – The First Anniversary of the Red Sludge Disaster (September 2011, p. 5).

THORPE, Nick: An Oasis on the Danube: Ada Kaleh (September 2011, p. 68).

THORPE, Nick: The Main Victim Is Nature – Slovak environmentalist Jaromír ŠÍBL, on the 20th anniversary of the diversion of the River Danube, and the opening of the Gabčikovo hydroelectric project, in conversation with Nick Thorpe (March 2012, p. 24).

THORPE, Nick: The Greening of the Danube – Restoring Oxbows in Austria and Germany (May 2012, p. 32).

THORPE, Nick: Journal of a Journey through the Danube–Drava National Park, June 2012 (July 2012, p. 32).

THORPE, Nick: Wasteful Hungary – and the Rediscovery of Recycling (November 2012, p. 19).



ÁRVA, László – SCHLETT, András: The State as Sentinel – Catch-Up Strategies in the Far East (Part II) (May 2012, p. 22).

ÁRVA, László – SCHLETT, András: The State as Sentinel – Catch-Up Strategies in the Far East (March 2012, p. 64).

BABONES, Salvatore: The New Geography of Global Economic Power (March 2017, p. 33).

BARCZA, György: Hungary: Revival of the Pannon Puma (November 2010, p. 23).

BOD, Péter Ákos: A Revival of European Economic Science? (March 2015, p. 16).

BOD, Péter Ákos: A World of Peripheries (September 2015, p. 15).

BOD, Péter Ákos: Closing the Gap? The Western Community and Hungary (March 2017, p. 41).

BOD, Péter Ákos: Development through Aid or Trade? – On the Intellectual Legacy of Peter Bauer (November 2017, p. 39).

BOD, Péter Ákos: The Case of the New Government with International Finance – On Politics, Press and Passion (November 2010, p. 17).

BOD, Péter Ákos: The Central Bank and the Government – A Hungarian Variation on a Recurring Theme (March 2011, p. 14).

BOD, Péter Ákos: The European Debt Crisis – A View from Hungary (May 2011, p. 23).

BOD, Péter Ákos: The Parallel Worlds of Citizens (January 2017, p. 28).

BOD, Péter Ákos: The Unloved Hungarian Capitalism – More than just the proverbial Hungarian blues (July 2011, p. 24).

BOD, Péter Ákos: On Business–Government Relations: The Hungarian Case (September 2011, p. 11).

BOD, Péter Ákos: A Not Too Original Sin: Hungarian Indebtedness in Foreig Currency (November 2011, p. 5).

BOD, Péter Ákos: Non-Conventional Economic Policy Measures – Hungarian Style (January 2012, p. 16).

BOD, Péter Ákos: In Muddy Waters – Values and Dangers in the Hungarian Economy (March 2012, p. 11).

BOD, Péter Ákos: The “Last Twenty Years” as Failure? – Hungary’s transition – revisited (July 2012, p. 40).

BOD, Péter Ákos: Under Western Eyes – Perceptions of the Hungarian Economy (January 2015, p. 14).

BOD, Péter Ákos: Who Needs the Euro? (September 2012, p. 52).

BOD, Péter Ákos: Budapest as a Regional HUB? Missed Chances and New Prospects (November 2012, p. 5).

CSABA, László: The Challenge of Growth (May 2011, p. 32).

CSABA, László: The Mirage of a Weak Currency (September 2012, p. 47).

DANIELS, Anthony: Peter Bauer and the Limits of Economic Development (May 2018, p. 31).

KLAUS, Václav: Resurrecting Peter Bauer in Budapest (May 2018, p. 27).

KRUTIKHIN, Mikhail: Russian Gas in Europe: End of Dependence? (November 2015, p. 31).

MARTONYI, János: Clash of Ideologies – Is Transatlantic Trade the Right Battlefield? (July 2016, p. 35).

POGÁTSA, Zoltán: Currency Devaluation and Hungary’s Accession to the Eurozone (September 2012, p. 43).

SZAJLAI, Csaba: Releasing Flow in the Economy – György Matolcsy’s Half-Term at the Helm of the Hungarian National Bank (September 2016, p. 25).

THORPE, Nick: Pipelines, Platforms, prospects – Zsolt Hernádi, CEO of Hungarian Oil and Gas Company MOL responds to questions by Nick Thorpe (March 2011, p. 5).



CSERMELY, Péter: The Hungarian Talent Support Programme And its European Dimensions (September 2011, p. 22).


Electoral Law

SZÁNTHÓ, Miklós: “May There Be Peace, Freedom and Accord” – The Background, Adoption and Content of Hungary’s New Electoral System (Part I) (September 2015, p. 54).

SZÁNTHÓ, Miklós: “May There Be Peace, Freedom and Accord” – The Background, Adoption and Content of Hungary’s New Electoral System (Part II) (November 2015, p. 41).



BIBÓ, István: Memorandum: Hungary, a Scandal and a Hope of the World (Excerpts) (November 2016, p. 39).

BOD, Péter Ákos: József Antall, and Those Who Did Not Want Him (November 2010, p. 77).

CASEY, Michael A.: “The Power of the Powerless” and “Living in Truth” in Democracy (July 2017, p. 83).

COOPER, Thomas: Hungarian Voices on 1956: Down Fell the Statue of Goliath (September 2017, p. 38).

CRICK, Bernard: Introduction to István Bibó (November 2011, p. 61).

DEBELJAK, Aleš: One Town, many Books (September 2015, p. 97).

DELSOL, Chantal: Historical Forgiveness in Question (May 2012, p. 72).

EGEDY, Gergely: Minorities versus Majorities: Multiculturalism in Retreat (May 2016, p. 41).

ENTZ, Géza: József Antall and Konrad Adenauer (May 2012, p. 59).

FISCHER, Tibor: The Travels of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution (September 2017, p. 34).

FRANK, Tibor: “The Language of Europe Is Translation” – A Proposal for the European Union (September 2016, p. 32).

FROST, Gerald: How to Make a Speech that Leaves them Gasping for More? (March 2015, p. 32).

GRANASZTÓI, György: On Violence: Letter-Day Mass Migration and Terrorism (January 2016, p. 9).

GRANASZTÓI, György: 2010: What Happened? – The Reconstitution of the Political (September 2011, p. 36).

GRANASZTÓI, György: Self-Europe (May 2012, p. 5).

GRANASZTÓI, György: The Two Europes (July 2016, p. 3).

HIERONYMI, Otto: Globalisation, Economic and Social Order; Human Rights and Humanitarian Action (Part I) (November 2015, p. 18).

HIERONYMI, Otto: Globalisation, Economic and Social Order; Human Rights and Humanitarian Action (Part II) (January 2016, p. 27).

HIERONYMI, Otto: Globalisation, Economic and Social Order; Human Rights and Humanitarian Action (Part III) (March 2016, p. 29).

HYKISCH, Anton: Quietly and Closer (July 2017, p. 38).

KABDEBO, Thomas: Ferenc Pulszky (March 2015, p. 94).

KAPLINSKI, Jaan: Estonians, Finns, Hungarians, Turks and Mongols – An Essay on Language (March 2011, p. 91).

KIRÁLY, Miklós: Constitutional Governance and the Common Good (March 2011, p. 21).

KODOLÁNYI, Gyula: Currents of a Secret Life – István Bibó and Bernard Crick (November 2011, p. 47).

KODOLÁNYI, Gyula: Power and Action – Between better and Worse – Looking Back on the Regime Change of 1990 from 1996 (November 2015, p. 48).

LUDÁNYI, András: Absent-minded, Uncoerced and “Painless” – Hungarian Assimilation in the United States (May 2017, p. 89).

LUDANYI, Andrew: American and Hungarian Perspectives on Minority Issues (September 2011, p. 51).

LUIK, Viivi: Various States of Lies (March 2016, p. 74).

MÁDL, Ferenc: Legacy of the Revolution – The Hungarian Experience (November 2010, p. 59).

MARTONYI, János: Victims of Communism (March 2016, p. 50).

O’SULLIVAN, John: Sovereignty or Submission (July 2012, p. 5).

O’SULLIVAN, John: The Celebration of a Tragedy – A Hero Who Recognised Evil (July 2017, p. 57).

PARSONS, Nicholas T.: (Com)passionate Contrarian: The Polemics of Pascal Bruckner (March 2015, p. 40).

PARSONS, Nicholas T.: Iconoclasm: The Struggle for Ownership of Symbolic History (September 2016, p. 105).

PARSONS, Nicholas T.: Islam, Islamism and Islamophobia (July 2017, p. 25).

PARSONS, Nicholas T.: “Progressive Politics”: The Alchemy of a Slogan (March 2016, p. 53).

PARSONS, Nicholas T.: The Commodification of Culture: Money, Aesthetics and the Contemporary Art Racket (Part I) (September 2015, p. 102).

PARSONS, Nicholas T.: The Commodification of Culture: Money, Aesthetics and the Contemporary Art Racket (Part II) (November 2015, p. 85).

PARSONS, Nicholas T.: The Revolt against Patronising Politics: Reflections on David Goodhart’s The Road to Somewhere (November 2017, p. 59).

PORTER, Anna: About Hungarian ’56-ers in Canada (May 2017, p. 100).

RUPEL, Dimitrij: Another Semester of our Discontent – The Integration Power of Traditional Cultural Systems and the Search for a Substitute (January 2012, p. 24).

SÁRKÖZI, Mátyás: Extra Hungariam – On the Intellectual Life of the Hungarian Exiles after 1956 (September 2017, p. 59).

SCHÖPFLIN, George: (Mis)understanding Central Europe – Hungary and the Western Media (January 2011, p. 29).

SNOPEK, Jerzy: Two Great Reformers: Andrzej Zamoyski and István Széchenyi (September 2017, p. 77).

STONE, Norman: M. S. Gorbachev: The Last Ploy? – Or What Was Really Going On? (January 2011, p. 34).

SZMODIS, Jenő: On Law, from a Multidisciplinary Perspective (July 2011, p. 64).

TRÓCSÁNYI, László: Gaullism and Europe (May 2016, p. 6).

VÁRADY, Tibor: How (and Why) to Keep a Dissident Spirit in spite of “Transition”? (March 2017, p. 58).

VÁRADY, Tibor: Populism and Unmasking – Some introductory remarks on populism, “fight for peace and socialist democracy”, and “creation of jobs” (November 2010, p. 48.).

VÁRADY, Tibor: Restitution of Hatred, or Restitution of Mutual Understanding? – On the 2011 Serbian Act of restitution, from the Angle of the History of my Home Town (November 2011, p. 20).

VARGA, György: Havel Na Hrad – Or, Havel to the Castle. The Road to a Presidency (May 2012, p. 41).

WEEDE, Erich: Mass Immigration: Cost or Benefit? (November 2015, p. 8).



HABSBURG, Eduard: Family Values and Europe Today (May 2017, p. 11).

JACOBS, Larry D.: Making Families Great Again (May 2017, p. 17).

MAYOR OREJA, Jaime: The Necessary Strengthening of the Truth (May 2017, p. 6).

NOVÁK, Katalin: A Strong Nation Is Built on Intact and Happy Families (May 2017, p. 29).



BROWN, Belinda: The Internal Contradictions of Feminism (May 2015, p. 31).



PARSONS, Nicholas T.: The Attempted Suicide of Capitalism (March 2018, p. 40).

TRÓCSÁNYI, László: Detoxification through Law – The Orbán Government’s Solution for the Mortgage Crises (March 2015, p. 6).


Fine Arts

BOGNÁR, Zsófia – RÓZSAVÖLGYI, Andrea: The Collection of Medieval and Renaissance Plaster Casts of the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts (March 2016, p. 93).

CZAKÓ, Zsolt – BODNÁR, Zita: Breaking Down 1956–2016 – An Exhibition at the Balassi Institute (November 2016).

EMBER, Ildikó: Rembrandt and the Dutch Golden Age – Exhibition at the Budapest Museum of Fine arts, 21 October 2014 – 15 February 2015 (March 2015, p. 103).

ENTZ, Géza Antal: The School of András Kovács and the Transylvanian Renaissance (March 2016, p. 108).

GELLÉR, Katalin: About a Stained Glass Window Lost from View (March 2018, p. 103).

GELLÉR, Katalin: Japonisme in Hungary – Exhibition in the Várkert Bazár (March 2017, p. 111).

ILLYÉS, Mária: Arts and Artists in World War I – Exhibition at the Vaszary Villa, Balatonfüred (May 2015, p. 101).

ILLYÉS, Mária: In the Current of Impressionism – Hungarian Painting 1830–1920. Kogart Gallery Budapest, April to August 2009. Anna SZINNYEI MERSE talks to Mária Illyés (November 2010, p. 83).

KESERŰ, Katalin: “A Pining Lily of the Cliff” – The Furniture Designers of Hungarian Art Nouveau (March 2011, p. 77).

KODOLÁNYI, Gyula: Spatial Curves and Crosstalk – The Exhibition of Ádám Farkas and His Students at the Art Mill in Szentendre (November 2015, p. 110).

MÁNYOKI, Endre: Ildikó Várnagy: A Book on the Sculptor of the Absolute Presence of Being (May 2011, p. 114).

NAGY, Ildikó: Art Lives! Tamás Körösényi Sculptor – In memoriam (March 2012, p. 102).

OROSZ, István: A Rhino Remembered – On the 500th Anniversary of a Shipwreck (May 2016, p. 85).

OROSZ, István: The Ambassador and the Pharaoh (May 2012, p. 94).

PETÉNYI, Katalin: Imre Ámos, Painter of the Apocalypse (May 2016, p. 103).

PROKOPP, Mária: Botticelli in Esztergom (January 2011, p. 80).

SÁRMÁNY-PARSONS, Ilona: The First Golden Age of the Műcsarnok – Painting in Central Europe in the Era of Emperor Franz Joseph (July 2017, p. 109).

SZINYEI MERSE, Anna: Rippl-Rónai, the “Hungarian Nabi” and Friends: An Impeccable Exhibition (July 2015, p. 83).

THORPE, Nick: Reconstructing Ancient Egyptians – A New Exhibition at the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts (September 2011, p. 99).

THORPE, Nick: Brancusi at Home: At the Gate of the Kiss (January 2012, p. 134).



COOPER, Thomas: Musings from No 19 – In Defense of Tipping Physicians (May 2011, p. 51).

GRANASZTÓI, György and Gyula KODOLÁNYI: The Béres Life Programme – A Conversation with Klára and József Béres (January 2011, p. 57).

THORPE, Nick: István MIKOLA talks to Nick Thorpe – The Hungarian Patient (January 2011, p. 44).

THORPE, Nick: Kafka in the Circus District – A Short History of Homebirth in Hungary (January 2011, p. 50).



ADAMS, Bernard: Grex Monachorum (January 2016, p. 68).

BIBÓ, István: The Principle of Self-Determination as a Spur to Nationalism (November 2011, p. 69).

BOLLOBÁS, Enikő: Everyday Communism – On Life, Books and Women in Communist Hungary (March 2015, p. 52).

BOLLOBÁS, Enikő: Hungarian in America – American in Hungary. János Xántus, the 19th Century Naturalist (March 2012, p. 88).

COLUMBIA UNIVESITY RESEARCH PROJECT HUNGARY, 1957–59: Interview with István B. RÁCZ, 1957 (November 2016, p. 61).

ENTZ, Géza Antal: Miklós Németh, the Premier of Peaceful Transitions (1988–1990) (July 2015, p. 50).

FARKAS, Judit Antónia: Sheltered by the Embassy of Belgium in Budapest –The Asylum Appeals of Ferenc B. Farkas and Judith Maléter in November 1956 (September 2016, p. 77).

FENYVESI, Charles: How an Improbable Source Clinched Allied Victory in 1944 (May 2015, p. 70).

FENYVESI, Charles: Official Enemies, Secret Allies. Part I (September 2011, p. 59).

FENYVESI, Charles: Official Enemies, Secret Allies. Part II (November 2011, p. 37).

FENYVESI, Charles: Official Enemies, Secret Allies. Part III (January 2012, p. 64).

FRANK, Tibor: “C’est la paix !” – The Sixtus Letters and the Peace Initiative of Emperor Karl I, 1916–1917 (September 2015, p. 64).

FRANK, Tibor: Migrations in Hungarian History (Part I) (January 2016, p. 20).

FRANK, Tibor: Migrations in Hungarian History (Part II) (March 2016, p. 22).

GÁT, Ákos Bence: The Living Memory of Gaullism – Michel ANFROL, President of the Frieds of the Charles de Gaulle Foundation, in interview with Ákos Bence Gát (May 2016, p. 15).

GRANASZTÓI, György: A Bending Mirror – The Recent Hungarian Past on the Pages of a French Magazine (March 2018, p. 28).

HOPPÁL, Mihály: The Burial of Attila – A Folklore Motif in Historical Consciousness (January 2012, p. 79).

INDELICATO, Alberto: Two Italians against Béla Kun (September 2017, p. 86).

JESZENSZKY, Géza: Hungary and the Break-Up of Yugoslavia – A documentary history, Part I (March 2011, p. 42).

JESZENSZKY, Géza: Hungary and the Break-Up of Yugoslavia – A documentary history, Part II (May 2011, p. 65).

JESZENSZKY, Géza: Liberation Cancelled! – US Policies towards Central Europe in 1956 and after (January 2017, p. 62).

JOBBÁGYI, Gábor: Provocation? – The Outbreak of the Revolution of 1956 (November 2011, p. 98).

JUDGE, Clark S.: The Road to the Wall – Ronald Reagan and his Call, “Mr Gorbachev, Tear Down this Wall” (January 2015, p. 21).

KABDEBO, Thomas: William Smith O’Brien’s Hungarian Journey (July 2011, p. 56).

KAPRONCZAY, Károly: Spring in Poland – Autumn in Hungary (September 2016, p. 62).

KODOLÁNYI, Gyula: “With Nine Million Fascists” – On the Origins and Spirit of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 (November 2016, p. 10).

KOSZORÚS, Ferenc Jr: The Soldier Who Saved the Lives of Budapest Jews: Colonel Ferenc Koszorús (May 2012, p. 120).

KUN, Miklós: Nero of the Caucasus (January 2012, p. 57).

KUN, Miklós: Losers’ Congress (September 2012, p. 65).

MARÓTH, Miklós: The Roots of Islamic Radicalism – On the Fatal Consequences of Broken Traditions (March 2016, p. 14).

McELROY, John Harmon: Speaking of “Eastern Europe” (May 2016, p. 62).

MISKOLCZY, Ambrus: German History Reinterpreted (May 2011, p. 86).

MISKOLCZY, Ambrus: The Secret Debate of 1958 on the Origins of the Romanian People and Their Settlement (March 2018, p. 77).

O’SULLIVAN, John: Hungary and the Cold War (September 2012, p. 57).

O’SULLIVAN, John: Cardinal Mindszenty: The Power of the Prisoner (November 2012, p. 38).

PELLE, János: Wallenberg: Man of Destiny (March 2012, p. 36).

RAŠKA, Francis D.: Bibles for Communist Europe: A Cold War Story (May 2015, p. 40).

REEVY, Tony: Images from a Lost World (September 2016, p. 38).

REYNOLDS, David A. J.: Football and Fifty-Six: Identity and Restoration (November 2016, p. 103).

REYNOLDS, David A. J.: The Last Coronation: Mystery and Strength (March 2017, p. 72).

REYNOLDS, David A. J.: Revising Recent History and Constructing Counter-revolution (July 2017, p. 72).

REYNOLDS, David A. J.: We Stared at the Radio with Open Mouths – The Dutch Reaction to 4 November 1956 (November 2017, p. 94).

SEBŐK PÁSKÁNDI, Anna: Transylvania 1956 – Excerpts from a film script (November 2011, p. 85).

STONE, Norman: Recent Writings on 1914–18 (May 2015, p. 95).

STONE, Norman: Notes on the Modernisation of Turkey – The Hungarian Contribution (November 2015, p.37).

STONE, Norman: The Compromise: a European Perspective (July 2017, p. 95).

SZABÓ, Éva Eszter: Migration as a Tool of US Foreign Policy in the Cold War (May 2017, p. 75).

SZEKÉR, Nóra – NAGYMIHÁLY, Zoltán: Crisis and Ascent. The Days of the Taxi Blockade – Gyula KODOLÁNYI interviewed by Nóra Szekér and Zoltán Nagymihály (May 2016, p. 67).

SZEKÉR, Nóra: Way Beyond the Taxi Blockade – Péter Ákos BOD interview by Nóra Szekér (July 2016, p. 48).

THORPE, Nick: “Nobody Lifted a Finger” – King MICHAEL of Romania talks to Nick Thorpe (November 2011, p. 29).

THORPE, Nick: “History Does Not Repeat Itself”. The House of Terror at Ten – Director Mária SCHMIDT in conversation with Nick Thorpe (May 2012, p. 15).

THORPE, Nick: War-Crimes, the Holocaust, and László Csatáry (September 2012, p. 29).

THORPE, Nick: “Command Responsibility”: László Csatáry in Context – Ádám GELLÉRT in conversation with Nick Thorpe (September 2012, p. 35).

TÓFALVI, Zoltán: Death March Redux: The ’56 Revolutionaries of Transylvania (September 2017, p. 66).

TÓFALVI, Zoltán: A Purifying Recollection – At a Site Visit by Ex-prisoners Convicted in Romania after the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 (March 2018, p. 68).

UNWIN, Peter: Imre Nagy and the Hungarian Revolution (Chapter 9) (November 2016, p. 43).

UNWIN, Peter: Imre Nagy and the Hungarian Revolution (Chapter 10) (January 2017, p. 47).

VÁRALLYAI, Gyula: Students of the Budapest Technical University in the 1956 Revolution (January 2017, p. 79).

VIZI, Sylvester E.: Lectori Salutem – My Revolution. Recollections of the 1956 Revolution (September 2016, p. 58).

VOICU-ARNĂUŢoiu, Ioana: The Last Refuge – Anti-Communist Partisans in the Romanian Mountains (March 2011, p. 53).



DAVIES, Christie: Blondes: A Tale of Beauty and Humour (January 2015, p. 28).

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Landscape Gardening

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